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Girlpower on the Screen
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Discuss movies and television shows that have realistic portrayals of the female gender
I made this community for my senior general studies class at PSU. I am taking a course called "Girlpower" where we go to different community organizations and hold rap sessions with groups of girls between the ages of 13 and 19. We record what they say, transcribe them, and then put their words into a Zine.

We all needed to choose some sort of secondary project for the class, and since I am obsessed with movies (and television), I thought my perfect project would be to ask the girls we did sessions with to list ten movies that they believed best represented what it was to be female. Then I would compile the data and then make a website to present the data. I even printed a nice questioner-type sheet for the girls to fill out.

Unfortunately, I wasn't very assertive with my classmates and was not able to get all of them to take the forms I made, so I got sporadic data that I could not compile into anything concrete. So, I have decided to instead for a community the girls can could come see what movies the other girls suggested and add their own feedback. I also added Television to the mix because I think that lately it has provided more realistic females than the movies have.

So feel free to join the community and add your two cents.