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Girlpower Participants' Choices

I had planned on getting every girl's list and compiling the data to make a top 10 list. Unfortunately, things didn't work out that way and instead I got a general list of movies with no numbers of agreement attached to them. So, I need y'all to vote for your choice from their suggestions. I couldn't put all the choices into one poll, so when you pick, only click once please. Poll is under the cut.

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'ello everyone, Here's the 411

So, if you read the profile you already know what this place is about. If you didn't, then let me tell ya here. This community is a place where we can discuss the representations of female characters on the screen, be it in movies or television. It was made with the intention to get a passing grade in a class, but I hope it springs into something more. So let's get talking.

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