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Girlpower Participants' Choices - A-E [Jun. 1st, 2008|01:16 am]
Girlpower on the Screen


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Alright, I wanted to give everyone a better feel of each of the movies the girls in the groups chose, so I'm going to provide a clip or the trailer for each one.

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Baby Mama

The Baxter
I couldn't find a trailer on YouTube, but I did find a trailer online. Click on the movie poster to see the trailer.
Photobucket .

The Breakfast Club

But I'm a Cheerleader



Since this is a clip and not the whole trailer: Crooklyn follows the Carmichaels as the kids learn the funny and painful lessons of growing up, Mom and Dad balance their love for each other against the financial and personal difficulties of the creative life, and they all try to get along with the often eccentric neighbors on their block


The Eye</a>