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Snarkycole's Top 10 Movies [Jun. 1st, 2008|02:37 am]
Girlpower on the Screen


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One thing I thought we could do here is list our own choices of the top 10 movies that have the best representations of females. Therefore, I will kick this off by listing my top 10 and sharing why I picked them.

1. A League of Their Own
Why? Well, it''s about a diverse group of strong, talented women who show they are just as skilled and entertaining as the male professional baseball players, even when the misogynist baseball team owners force them to wear skirts while doing it.
(warning: a couple of swear words in the beginning of this clip)

2. Girlfight
Why? Because in the film, even though Diana has spent her whole life hearing how she is worthless and not going to amount to anything, she still goes after her dream of being a professional boxer. Michelle Rodriguez's Diana shows that women are just as tough as men, and that we need to break away from our rigid gender expectations.

3. Serenity
Why? Because Joss Whedon once again provides us with a group of strong, multi-dimensional females. The captain's right-hand man is a woman. The ship's mechanic is a woman. The baddest fighter in the group is a woman. All of the women in the move break away from gender stereotypes expected in most action-packed movies.

4. Little Giants
Why? The movie is about a girl who wants to play football with the boys, and instead of giving up her dream when her uncle tells her that she can cheerlead for his team but not play for it because she's a girl, she decides to form her own one with the other players her uncle rejected. This movie is another classic example that a girl can just be as skilled and talented in sports as a boy. Also, the girl has a crush on a boy who only sees her as "one of the guys", and I can completely relate to that.

5. Thelma & Louise
Why? Because it's a great portrait of women negotiating American symbols of masculinity and the male power structure. Also, the women have an incredible friendship and really go to the extremes for each other.

Warning: Clip is the ending scene. Granted, most people know what happened, but I still wanted to warn ya.

6. A Walk to Remember
Why? Because unlike every other movie where the social outcast and the popular boy fall in love, the female in this movie does not change who she is at all just so the guy will start to like her or so their pairing will be more accepted by their peers. Jamie's unwavering faith in God, herself and others through the events that unfold in her life is wonderful and uplifting.

7. Bend it Like Beckham
Why? Because the film is about a girl who, despite her parents' disapproval, goes after her dream of being a professional soccer player, and she has the tremendous skill to make it happen.

8. Now & Then
Why? Because the movie shows four girls whose friendship stays strong even after twenty years have passed. Each of the four girls are some one other girls can identify with.

9. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Why? Because, like Now & Then it's a movie about four girls with a very strong friendship and shows that how they are still connected even when they are spending the summer apart. Also, the girls go each go through experiences that other women can relate to.

10. Mean Girls
Why? Because it shows the darker side of female relationships. And I could completely relate to Janis.

So, what do you think of my top 10? Agree? Disagree? Comment below. Also, either post your own top 10 in the comments or make a new post with your own choices.